Benefits of Your Account:

  • Independent performance reporting
  • Electronic delivery of statements and reports
  • Secure online access
  • Tax tools and downloads
  • Online proxy voting
  • Extended insurance on your securities and cash

Client: Account Features


We provide you and your advisor with online access to statements, records of your holdings, trading confirmations, tax documents, and more—you will always know where you stand. more »

Folio Vote

You have access to vote your own proxies, and you can also provide access to another person, such as your advisor, who can vote them on your behalf. more »


Automatic tax lot management and comprehensive accounting help you maintain a tax-efficient portfolio, if appropriate. more »

Cash Investments

We offer expanded FDIC insurance coverage for both principal and accrued interest through a network of Sweep Banks that participate in our FDIC sweep program. more »

Privacy & Security

We protect your personal account information and your assets with proven technology and processes. Your securities investments are also secured with supplemental Lloyds of London protection in addition to SIPC protection, while your cash is FDIC insured. more »

Margin Borrowing

Borrow money for withdrawal or securities purchases using the value of securities in your eligible accounts. more »